Thursday, August 16, 2007

Victim number five: intro anti nato by corrosion

War, war never changes.

Every day thousands of people march to their deaths, governments fall and simple people with simple lives lose everything they have.

Still we manage to live our everyday lives, because all this belongs to the circle of life.

Sometimes it's not that simple.

And a demoparty gets cancelled...

Who is to blame?

This intro shows what happens when NATO fucks with the wrong people.

Platform: Windows


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Victim number four: Breathe Without America by IT-Forge

Forget Rambo IV, Woody Woodpecker is here to satisfy all your violence needs.

How many wild compo animations do you remember where Woody Woodpecker is fighting for the Soviet Union against evil American conquerors?

My guess is none, but after you have seen this realistic and cruel story of the real war hero, you'll understand that it was only a matter of time until you would see one.

But why would Woody Woodpecker join the Red Army?
Think about the nature of a woodpecker. They work hard for their living and all they get as a reward is a friggin hole! Now that's what I call a capitalist scam!
Hell, if I would have to do that, I'd join the Reds immediately!

Platform: Wild (Animation)


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Victim number three: Rush Hour by nextempire

You should already know this wonderful classic, so I'm not going to introduce it.

Instead I'm offering some interesting trivia about this extraordinary demonstration.

It all started when 20th Century Fox made a deal with nextempire. Their first project was going to be a direct animated sequel to the hit movie Speed. Unfortunately the budget was too high and soon Fox found out that they could never afford it.

Years later nextempire made a decision to revive the project by themselves, but they desperately needed money to hire the best animators one could find from Hollywood. Jerry Bruckheimer promised to fund their project, if they could win The Party 2001 demo competition. Fox didn't like this and the company bribed The Party organizators to start a massive underground votecheating operation. Rush Hour lost majority of votes and movie fans lost one of the greatest movies of all time.

Platform: Windows


Victim number two: Fluorine: "Double Suicide" by kalium cyanide group

Do you like killing people, but don't have guts to take a life of a friend or even a complete stranger?
The solution is simple - suicide!

Remember to plan it carefully and if possible, frame it as a murder, because in the worst case someone honors your memory by doing a demo like this.

Platform: Windows


Victim number one: The Crime by Abhorus

Your brain will pop with pressure when you first time experience this thrilling 64k crime fiction.

A murder will be conducted, but who's the victim and what drives the murderer?

Uncover the dirty secrets of a small fishing town, where everyone has something to hide.

everyone, doubt everything and don't even trust into your own eyes!

Platform: Windows


Welcome to the world of tomorrow

At last we meet for the very first - err.. second - time

Yes, I know, I already started this blog in another address (, but I'm even more craptastic than these demos.

First I forgot my password. I usually only use some standard password with random numbers in it, but this time I tried something different and of course couldn't remember it.

Second thing - I mistyped my e-mail address and because of that I'm unable to get my password from password recovery.

Welcome to the craptastic blog of a craptastic person.